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Summer Safety Tips for Pets

During the hot summer months, even a young, healthy pet can get dehydrated, sunburned and suffer from heat stroke.  Taking a few precautions will help you have a fun and safe summer with your pet.

  • Pets will dehydrate a lot faster than a human. When outdoors, provide shade and plenty of fresh water. Do not over-exercise them and bring them inside if the temperatures are very hot.

  • Know what to look for: excessive panting, weakness, drooling, vomiting. In severe cases, bloody diarrhea, seizures and collapse may occur.

  • Never leave your pet in your parked car, even with your windows open. Remember, when a situation is too hot for you, it’s already dangerous and life threatening for your pet.

  • Supervise your pet when around a pool, lakes, beaches, etc. Even if your pet is a good swimmer, it may not find a way to get out of the water and drown from being exhausted. Do not allow them to drink chlorine or salt water. Have your pet wear a lifejacket or flotation device when on a boat.

  • When the temperature is very high, do not walk or let your pet stand on hot concrete or asphalt because their paw pads will burn.

  • If you like to open your windows and live on a second floor or above, secure your screens to avoid animals, especially cats, from falling out the windows.

  • Grooming: a short, light haircut may help prevent overheating. 

  •  If taking your pet to a party or barbeque, remember that some people food can be toxic for animals. Do not allow them access to alcohol, chocolate, bones, raw meat, etc.

Take care of your pet and together you’ll have a great summer!

Nydia Melissa Perez, DVM