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Why is My Rabbit So Hyper?

Our young bunny is so hyper! Will she ever slow down?

Young rabbits are energetic and very curious. After age 1, most bunnies will settle down and have more predictable behaviors. Spaying or neutering your bunny is also important to prevent some health issues and to curtail behavioral issues associated with hormones.

How long will it take for hormonal behavior to stop after my rabbit is spayed or neutered? 

Spaying and neutering improves litter box habits and reduces territorial aggression, mounting and spraying. One classic sign of hormonal behavior is “honking” where a bunny circles your legs and emit a soft honking sound. Lunging and growling can also be signs of hormonal behavior that will abate after a spay or neuter. Some rabbits also “hump” as a form of masturbation - it could be a toy, a ball... or your leg. Bear in mind though that humping can also be a non-sexual behavior, regardless of whether or not the bunny has been altered, and is usually seen in rabbit introductions. In this case, humping is used to establish dominance and determine the alpha bunny in the relationship. Both males and females may hump in this circumstance.

After your pet is spayed or neutered, it usually takes about 2 weeks for sexual activity to begin to decrease. In boys, it generally takes about 2 months for sexual activity to cease completely. In females, the time frame may be as short as 2 weeks in females although it may take up to 4 months and, in rare instances, up to 8 months, in large breed rabbits. 

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