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Rabbits Can Be Litter Trained

How do I litter train my bunny?

A rabbit will generally choose one or more places - usually corners - to use as a bathroom. In most cases, you simply have to determine which corner(s) the rabbit prefers and place a litterbox there. In most instances, where they urinate will be the same place they defecate. Here are a few tips:

  • An altered rabbit will usually have better litterbox habits than an unaltered rabbit.

  • Bunnies often prefer a "roomier" litterbox as opposed to a small, corner-style box. 

  • Make sure to use a bunny-safe litter such as plain, unscented Carefresh, Feline Pine or Yesterday's News.  

  • Unsafe litters include pine or cedar shavings (should not ever be used with a bunny), corn-based litter, Swheat Scoop and clay or clumping litters.

  • Always top your litter completely with grass hay (timothy, orchard, etc. - no alfalfa or clover). Bunnies spend extensive amounts of time in the litterbox and will munch hay while they are in there. You'll find they will back in to the corner of the box to go to the bathroom while eating from the "front"corner. 

  • Click here for more information on litter training 

Why did my rabbit start urinating outside of her litter pan?

Loss of litter box training can indicate urinary tract disease so a visit to a rabbit-savvy veterinarian is in order. If infections are ruled out, it could be that your rabbit is feeling the need to mark his or her territory by urinating outside of the pan after a stressful event. Anything that may make your house rabbit feel “insecure” like a new pet, houseguests or change in cage location can be a cause to mark territory more “enthusiastically.” This behavior will often start when your little bun reaches 4-6 months of age and their reproductive hormones become active. Now is the time to get your bun altered as spaying or neutering improves litter box habits and reduces territorial spraying.  

Why does my rabbit defecate outside of the litter pan?

All rabbits will normally drop some fecals outside of the litter pan and around their cage either by accident or to mark their territory. This is not failure to be litter-trained and is not considered behaving badly! This behavior is most intensely practiced by adult intact males; however even neutered rabbits mark new areas in this manner. 

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